Personal Training with LIVE Musicians Program

“I can play stuffs like Zeppelin, Santana, Clapton …etc”.However, do you think you really can Play or Jam in a ’Live Situation’? Or do you really enjoy just playing ‘Home Alone’ with ‘Robotics’ Midi files or MMO? Or,’I am doing well at home, but why do I sloppy and nervous when I’m standing in front of people?’ ‘I really want to try but still can’t connect it up with the right person or my friends won’t let me in because I’m still a ‘new kid on the block’.

Here is exactly what you Need if you really want to play with a ‘Live Band’. We offer a ‘Full Band Rehearsal Training Program’. We arrange musicians to play and Jam with you so you don’t have to trouble getting the right persons to play with, or am I playing all that stuff in the way with a live band. How can I communicate with other band members, and most importantly, I have a Chance to ‘Play’ and have Fun in playing guitar music!!

So ,I’ll be your Coach or Personal Trainer when you are playing with a live band, I mentor on what you should do or not ,what it sounds good or bad ,during a live session ,and you gained is your experience to play in live situation and explore what need to be a better guitarist and, of course ,enjoying playing in a Band!

So how do you get started????
Contact me by email or call to tell me more about yourself, or you can simply follow my guidelines.


  1. How long have you been playing?
  2. What styles of music would you like to play?
  3. Do you have any other musical background?
  4. What’s your favorite artist or Band, guitar players…?
  5. What songs would you like to play?