‘Hear What You Play’ Program

(Private Lesson)

Do you have any chance to ‘Listen’ back what exactly play yourself? Do you try to ‘Monitoring’ your skills throughout your practicing process? Will you or Can you trying to track down your playing and keep reviewing and analyze but you lack of some kind of facilities to do that?

So I think you do need something like this: Recording down musical pieces, rhythm, an improvisation, or any other things you think will directly affect your playing skills or goals. And listening back Clearly and Analyze what things needed to be refined or improved. This let ‘Yourself’ tracking the progress throughout your practicing which make things clear on what you need to work on more or focus on more. Then get rid of the bad things that or something irritating cause you will hear every detail you have done here live!

All the things can occur here due to my recording facilities here. A standard setup with Digidesign hardware, software, multi effects and, a pair of studio monitors that offer a critical listening of what you actually play. However , the most important ,me ,an experienced teacher ,is also another factor to tell you ,comment you ,mentor you what’s going wrong with your playing and what you need to focus more and work on by yourself. No matter your recording experience was, no matter how good or how bad does your skills are (it is sure not for totally beginners), this program is suitable for all players to try out and know more about your actual playing skills.

If, you are also interested in making your own demo song that needs guitar recording, my set up is also ready for rent and I can help you to take care the technical stuff throughout your process.

So how do you get started????
Contact me by email or call to tell me more about yourself, or you can simply follow my guidelines.


  1. How long have you been playing?
  2. What kind of styles would you like to play?
  3. Are you comfortable to do recording in front of other people?
  4. Do you have same kind of music experience before, if have, please state what kind of job or activities you involve?
  5. Any other goals besides improving your own skills, let say, making demos, laying down your guitar tracks for your specific uses…etc?