Electric Guitar Program

(Private, Double or Triple Group)

Fully Personalized to You and your Needs. You will learn what you Need to learn And Want to learn and play the way you want. We will focus on materials such as Different Rhythm Training, Chord Vocabulary, Transcribing, Effects knowledge, Effective Practicing Method, Music Theory, Creativity… and skills like Chord Changing, Ear Training, Song writing, Basic Soloing techniques, all skills required to play ‘Music’, in order to help you to play what you want musically.

You will get a chance to Jam and Record !! We will do Jamming during lesson with a lot of backing tracks or on different musical ideas .Moreover, with the facilities I have here, we will periodically record your playing as a record, or reference in order to track your own progress. You will also have a chance to ‘Jam’, sharing musical ideas, or even any information you have struggled with all the way with all other students here. Regularly ‘Jam Session’ will be held where 2 or 3 students are grouped and jam together. This ensures the ‘Application and Integration’, from what you have learned, and let’s learning guitar be more enjoyable and effective. ‘Multi Effects’ will also be the main ‘Tools’ during lessons, so you could experiment on how amplifier and effects setting can work together.

Beside all these benefits , an  effective ‘Practicing Schedule’ will be provided to students if they really want a disciplined practicing routine .This Schedule will help students at home when I’m not there in order to remind them what needs to practice focus on long term or short term needs, the actual practice time of all  techniques or skill ,and of course the most important, create a more effective way of practice without wasting a single minute of your precious practice time .This is also an effective ‘psychological’ way to remind or motivate yourself especially if you really want to achieve or accomplish your own specific musical goal .

So this guitar program is Not Suitable for you IF

  • You are Not Enjoying playing music with guitar
  • You are Only a metal style player (I teach focus on balancing guitar techniques and styles)
  • You are simply looking for a mere amount of licks and songs to play

So how do you get started????
Contact me by email or call and tell me more about yourself ,or you can simply follow my guidelines or write down what your goals or approach are to let me understand you more and teach you in a more specific and effective way.


  1. Are you a beginner or how long have you been playing?
  2. Have you ever taken any lessons before?
  3. What are your Goals or What do you want to achieve by playing guitar ,such as playing in a band, learning different music ,improving  your skills to play songs, compose with guitar…etc?
  4. What styles of music would you like to play?
  5. What are your favorite artists or Band, guitar players…?
  6. Do you have any others musical background?