Contemporary Music Theory/Aural Training Programs

(Double or triple Group)

‘Will it sound good to play these notes over this chord progression?’, ‘Does these notes or phrasing related to the music itself? ‘I play exactly what I see in books .Why does it not sound good to me’ etc. Are you having the same kind of problem when you are Improvising or playing music?

These Two important elements (Contemporary music theory and Aural skills) that most guitar player Don’t have, or even think about. We need to understand exactly what’s going on within a particular passage of music, and, if you want to be more unique, more creative, and most importantly, more self expressive when we improvise.

You will learn things including , Scales ,Chord Formulas, Chord Vocabulary, Chord Voicing, Standard Chord Progression, Sight Singing,Transcribing,Reading Music Notation etc.

Those are all critical to any guitar player who wants to develop more in different musical aspects. So let yourself take action to learn and practice this 2 elements, at the same time, enriching and empowering on your playing style.

So how do you get started????
Contact me by email or call to tell me more about yourself, or you can simply follow my guidelines.


  1. Are you a beginner or for how long have you been playing?
  2. Have you ever taken lessons before?
  3. What are your Goals or What do you want to achieve by playing guitar? Such as play in a band, learning more in different music, improve your skills to play songs, composing with guitar…etc.
  4. What styles of music you would like to play?
  5. What’s your favorite artist, Bands, guitar players?
  6. Do you have any other musical background?