How to increase the efficiency of your playing motion

Hi, today I want to share the above issue that it is the biggest problem I always notice on students .They always seemed to feel ‘lost’ out of sync with their right hand and resulting bad sound or can’t pick faster. – You do NOT need to pick with the least amount of motion per note. – You do NOT need to use the least amount of force per note. … but you DO need...
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Tips on practicing routine

Some musical skills are best mastered when you practice them more frequently, but in less time per session (for example: ear training exercises and fretboard memorization activities). Other things in your schedules are best mastered when you practice them less often, but for longer amounts of time (such as songwriting). An effective practicing schedule takes all of that (and much more) into...
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Pinch Harmonics

Hi guys, what is ‘Pinch Harmonics’? Pinch harmonic is a high pitchy sound which produce by the player’s thumb or index finger on the picking hand slightly catches/touches the string immediately after it is picked, letting one of the overtones dominate. Here are some tips I want to share with and, in order to, do it better! Try them right away! 1. Using a high intensity distortion effects...
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