An Interesting Comparison Music to Sports

Here ,I just want to take a chance to share some opinions that I’ve been given ,especially if you are a music lover or ,are playing a musical instrument ,or have parents who always like to tell their kids ‘Hey, please stop playing your guitar and concentrate on your examination right away !!’ There is really an interesting difference between these two activities (although it is...
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Is it important to learn songs in order to become a great…?

Hi guys, I used to play a lot of covered songs with my band .Mostly hard rock stuff  like Purple, Zeppelin, Rainbow …even Ozzy .Although we couldn’t play exactly what they were, we were still enjoying yourself  and having really good fun as long as we were doing a lot of gigs and shows with these songs years before. In the meantime, it was really a good way to ‘Know’...
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I want to play solos, but I don’t know much about Chords …do I need to learn….?

Hi guys, I had experiences that a student (not even one) more or less is a beginner, they are passionate to play solo guitar .They always talk about this one being good ,that one being good…I really want to do that…playing a bunch of notes but they seems to be nothing inside. But when we try to practice or learn a simple solo over a standard chord progression, they just stuck with what the...
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