Cheong Gor 01A_3Ritchie Wong 黃家昌 is a guitarist, composer, instructor who plays blues, rock, jazz and classical music that influenced him a lot when he started to turn from classical to electric guitar.

Born in Hong Kong,Wong first started taking acoustic (classical) guitar lessons aged 12 and began to teach himself electric guitar. He was fascinated by the local band at the time he was studying at school, which was not well known, but making a huge success years after, ‘Beyond’. Their music, passion on music really gave Wong’s a big impact and influence. Meanwhile, knowing of ‘Deep Purple’ Smoke on the Water, not only because of how popular the song was, which was about the whole package, the creativity and  “How” the guitar was played, he was driven to master all facets of the instrument to become the skilled guitarist that he is today.

His early influences also included Riff-Master Led Zeppelin, Ritchie Blackmore, Mystical Ambassador Steve Vai, Pink Floyd, Yes, Black Sabbath etc.  However, with growth of experience, he was also fascinated by jazz/fusion player such as George Benson, Lee Ritenour, Larry Carlton, Jeff Beck, Mike Stern , which led him in exploring and playing more  blues as well as jazz materials.

A turning point in Wong’s life was when he decided to be a musician and music teacher. He joined Tom Lee Music HK as a salesmen  and was promoted to Assistant Branch Manager for over 10 years. Not only was he  just an ordinary salesman at that time, he won the Best Guitarist and Winners of 1990 Carlsberg Music Festival HK. He also gained a lot of opportunity to communicate with musicians all over the world , and participated in different musical activities such as trade shows in China, States and Europe, which allowed him to be exposed to different musical cultures and develop communication skills that used to be normally not found in a regular salesman and, most important, with Students he needed to face throughout his career everyday.

Moreover, besides being a music teacher, Wong also worked as a musician after leaving Tom Lee. He participated in a lot of different kinds of musical activities such as recording, composing, live gig performances, with local artists and  other private parties. He has also been invited as the guitar instructor at one the most professional music schools in Hong Kong nowadays, ‘Baron School of Music’ since 2005, which was held by a famous pop music producers ‘Mr.Ronald Ng’.

But apart from this colorful diversity, he never lost sight of his roots. He obtained ABRSM Diploma in Classical Guitar Performance and Rockschool Diploma in Guitar Music Performance which strengthen his teaching qualification and playing skills on both side.

Wong’s conviction is, being successful as a teacher of music or musician, he understands that he needs to form meaningful relationships with students and other musicians he work with, based on reciprocal respect and appreciation. What he shares with all his students is not just his technical knowledge and experience, but his passion for music itself.