Are you still frustrated with your learning or playing method?
You will learn to play guitar with Ritchie much more faster than on your own.

‘I was a casual guitar player during my university days, knowing little more than strumming some simple chords of folk songs. During my working years I hardly touched my guitar again. After retirement a few years ago, I decided to really learn to play this instrument.

Ritchie and I adopted a quite relaxed approach, starting with classical guitar basics and then incorporating the techniques to playing pop songs.

While Ritchie makes it a lot of fun trying on a wide variety of songs, he pays strong emphasis on basics, and short periods of practice at intervals.

Now I am starting to play some of my favourite oldies guitar accompaniment in a way with sounds approaching the original.’

Francis Lee

So let's get started by making up your mind, getting the right path to learn, AND having fun with your Instrument!
Personal Demo

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Student Jam session Nov 2018

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“Over the past few years, I have not only had my skills improved but the level of musicianship I pursue has also been taken by Ritchie to a far greater scale. I have come to comprehend music of a wide range of genres as well as appreciate the significance of technical accuracy. Music is a language that speaks for itself and Ritchie has helped me understand the role it serves in this ever-changing world, which has undeniably enriched my life. I am on the lookout for the limitless possibilities that lie ahead of us.”

by Edmond



“Rather than purely a matter that “how’d I play guitar in correct way?”, learning from Ritchie’s lessons brought towards me another crucial question ~ “what is playing guitar as far as professional level is concerned?”, in other words, the difference between “play” and “performance”, from every single note, every single tone, to actual adaptability in practice, as a whole!”

by Cozy Wan

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Student’s lesson recording referenced

” 2 student having their bonus jamming lesson with a backing track ”



“A student who practiced 12 bars solo with a backing track”



“A student who was improvising and analyzing his articulation with a backing track”

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